How ” hreflang ” can be used to avoid duplicate content?

I have two separate domains, with completely different names( “” and “”) that I will use to build two brand new websites, one in Spanish and the other in English — Each website will be installed in its own separate hosting account. The content will be translated manually by me ( 1 to 1 translation, same structure, exactly same content ) from Spanish to English. I will Not use any multilingual plugin because each website will have only one language.
Now my question:
In this specific case, do I need to implement “hreflang” to avoid “Duplicate content” issues and this, in turn, damages my SEO or is it Not necessary since each website will be totally separated in separate installations and with its different domain name ??
I ask because I have read in some articles about this topic that if your translation keeps the same structure and meaning of the original content, Google will see it as duplicate content even when the translated words are totally different.

If you are not using a multi-language plugin, then you will need to manually add the hreflang to the translated pages in order to get the best results with SEO. This is assuming that the content is a direct translation of each other. If each of these posts is independently written and one is not a copy/paste of the other – then you do not use the hreflang as each of these websites are truly independent of each other and will not be seen as a translated version of the other website.

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