OnePress Premium Blogger Full Review

Hello Bloggers, if you are publishing your blog content on google blogger hosting and searching for a responsive, fast, and SEO implemented blogger theme then your search is finished now. OnePress Blogger Template has very premium looks and visitors cannot even separate that your site is hosted on blogger or WordPress. We, Blogging Resources are providing you a complete review of this template.

What you should care about while choosing a template for a blog?


Any website which has good speed on both mobile and desktop has a high priority to rank fast on search engines like google and being, Google has now taken speed in the list of SEO matrices. As we know that content is king, if your site has unique and user intends content then your article will be ranked as soon as possible without having good speed.


Responsive means your site must load on all types of devices without having any issue with looks and functionality. Bloggers must choose one template which has great looks on both mobile and desktop devices. Responsiveness is one of the most important matrices of SEO for any website.

Optimized SEO

All templates are developed by programmers and developers with numerous snippets of code. Google usually shows snippets result on the top searches from sites having good rich snippet codes. A single error on code can degrade your web SEO completely. To check your theme coding error you can visit Google Structured Data Testing Tool. It tests all your code and warns you if there any error exists.

Advertisement Friendly

What will your income source be from your website or blog? The main purpose of any website is to generate revenue from advertisements and business promotions. It is very important to a theme that it should be advertisement friendly. There are many advertisement platforms like Google Adsense,, Taboola, etc. Your website must perform well in the presence of advertisements also.

One Press Theme Complete Review

As is already mentioned above that you should care while choosing a theme or template for your website. OnePress theme has successfully passed these requirements like Speed, Responsiveness, and Good Data Structure. The main disadvantage of a blogger-based website is speed and the OnePress theme has fluent speed on both mobile, tab and desktop devices. It can

1. Mega Menu

This blogger template has got very attractive, fast, and responsive mega menu option. If any desktop user just hovers on the menu in which the mega menu is enabled then a menu with 5 posts appear. This increases the spending time on the website and reduces the bounce rate of users. You can easily set up this mega menu from blogger layout settings. You have to use this shortcode to use mega menu Shortcode Structure: {getMega} $label={recent} .

OnePress Premium Blogger Template Megamenu
Responsive Megamenu Of OnePress Blogger Theme

You can also multiple-listed dropdown menu and normal menu instead of megamenu also. You can easily edit this dropdown menu from the backend. Megamenu can decrease site speed because it loads all content of the menu so, it is recommended to use dropdown menu while using the advertisement.

OnePress Dropdown menu
OnePress Dropdown menu

2. Post Format

You can use different article formats like video and simple blogpost. If you select video layout then your visitors know this post has a video inside it. You can make a complete video uploading site. If you are planning to make a movies reviews site then you can choose this template. You have to use a shortcode to get this block Shortcode Types:  videos, grid1

Video Format in OnePress
Video Format in OnePress


OnePress Blogger theme can load your site very fast. It has good speed on both mobile and desktop devices. Even in the presence of an advertisement, it can give you good speed. They will tell the If you use a premium template then you will get very high speed but the speed will be like same in both free and premium versions. You can start with the free version and then getting good responses to shifting to the premium version.

Mobile Speed
Desktop Speed


SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is the collection of many matrices which help to rank your site high on search results. Google Data structure testing tool helps to identify errors in code and type of search snippets added on the theme. OnePress has snippets like a breadcrumb, news article, website, atom, etc. these help to show many formats in search results. You can simply insert snippets like review, rating, location, video, FAQ, etc.

Advertisement Friendly

Advertisement management is amazing on OnePress Premium Template. It has a total of 8 ad placements in layout management. Header ads are placed just above featured posts and Second header ads are placed just after starting the article. A sidebar ad is also available here. Advertisement before starting content and after the content advertisement is also available. You can also wide ads just before the footer. Infeed ads by the blogger are also available for this template.

On Page SEO

Links to similar posts of the site are one of the elements of on-page SEO. OnePress template has a very attractive You Might Like section which shows similar articles from your site. It shows articles on the basis of categories and tags. It will help your visitors to engage in more articles from your site. It will help to reduce the bounce rate and increases revenue.

Smartphone Menu

Easy navigation to mobile users. You can engage more and more visitors to your social media and other categories of your site. OnePress has a very responsive smartphone navigational menu. Megamenu is not available to smartphone users.

Easy Layout Management

You will get easy drag and drop layout management in the blogger dashboard. You can manage different grid layouts. Menu management is also simple and easy for any beginner blogger. Site identity like site description and logo can be inserted directly from the Main Logo section.

Featured Posts

Featured Post layout in OnePress

You can use multiple types of layouts on your homepage. It will make your site more and more responsive and attractive. It makes your site professional-looking. There is a total of 5 types of grid styles to show your articles on the homepage. It makes your site more responsive and professional-looking.

Post Format 1

Onepress post format

Post Format 2

two column article format

Feature of OnePress Blogger Theme

100% ResponsiveDesign Dark Version (Included)
Fixed Menu Header AdsFeatured Posts
Full-Width VersionAuto Translate RTL Supported
Ads Areas (In-Article ADS 1, In-Article ADS 2) on PostPage Home Ads 2
Post Share ButtonsAuto Author Box
Disqus and Facebook CommentsFixed Sidebar
Post Widget 1 and 2Home Ads 1 AdSense (In-Feed ADS) on Homepage
Post List Widget by (Recent, Label or Comments)About Section on Footer
Footer MenuTemplateify Post Shortcodes
Fast Loaded SEO OptimizedFully Customizable Background
Customizable Widths, Colors, and FontsLifetime Template Updates
Features of OnePress Blogger template

OnePress is a professional-looking magazine blogger template. You can completely customize this template according to your requirements. You will get 6 months of premium support if you get a premium theme. This template is developed to increase site speed in a magazine format. It is a perfect choice for those bloggers who want to increase revenue by adding multiple ads on various ad sections. Users can download the free version of OnePress directly from its site.

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