What is the importance of Pillar Content? How it helps in SEO?

You can use the Pillar Content feature in our plugin to help build internal links on your website. If you want to learn more about this please read this in-depth article: https://rankmath.com/kb/pillar-content-internal-linking/.

Pillar content is the core content or the starting point you can say…taking tree as an example..roots are pillar content which in turn grows into the trunk and then short branches and then leaves.

A pillar post or cornerstone post are buzzwords used in the SEO community. Google and other search engines do not differentiate between posts. They are all posts, but they will be given a different ranking based on a multitude of factors. And it is all about the content. A good ranking post can be short. A long post can be hardly ranking at all. It depends on the quality and if it solves the problems and questions people have.

But the term/function of pillar post does not exist for the search engines. It is only a function in some of the SEO plugins and in the SEO community in general. You should ALWAYS try to link to other posts and pages on your own website. This is the oldest reason for making the web. But hey – if you need a buzzword to remind you to do that, go-ahead 🙂

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