Is it beneficial to add all properties of Schema?

Is there any benefit in using lots of details following documentation? Like, Product -> ImageObject -> editor -> Person-> etc etcThe hierarchy is seems neverending. But if it has any proven benefits, then it would be worth spending time on it.

Most of the properties present on some types are not necessary and don’t add any value when it comes to Rich Results and a good indication of that is when you test your Schema with the Rich Results Test tool.

If you see any warning it means that the property throwing that warning is not necessary but rather recommended, if you see an error then the property is required.

In our plugin, we went to great lengths to include all the required and recommended properties in all our Schema templates so you don’t need to worry about having non-compliant Schema.

Having said that we understand some people want to add to those and extend their Schema and for that, we have two options: Schema Templates:

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